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If you are searching for the best place to snorkel in Thailand, and not be inundated by hordes of tourists or overrun by the crowds of a big city, then Surin Islands is the place to be. Surin Islands, located off the coast of Thailand, offers pristine snorkeling adventures for the most experienced and the most novice of snorkelers. Here you will find an abundance of hard coral, some soft coral, and an ample supply of reef fish that will keep you seeing new things for days. Some of the dive locations in Surin Islands are even perfect for small children, or nervous snorkelers.

Surin Snorkeling

You will find the marine life in Surin Islands some of the most unsurpassed in Thailand. From giant sea turtles, sharks of all kinds and reef fish by the troves. This entire area is a National Marine Park, and great strides are made to keep this area in it’s most pristine and undamaged image as possible. After your first snorkeling expedition this will be evident. From the breathtaking white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, and the stunning green forests, the sightseeing opportunities are almost endless.

Surin Islands Longtail - snorkelingThe best method for snorkeling in the Surin Islands is on a chartered cruise, or through one of the extended five or six day live aboard cruises. It is important to keep in mind that the Surin Islands are uninhabited, and you will not find hotels, resorts, or housing. There are roughly one hundred and fifty Moken, or “Sea Gypsies”, and a small handful of Park Rangers that live throughout the islands. This offers the tourist or visitors, the chance to enjoy the Surin Islands without the hassle of troves of fellow tourists and mainstream city life. So booking a live aboard snorkeling cruise is definitely the best option for enjoying your stay in the Surin Islands. These cruises offer air conditioned cabins, food service and all the amenities that you would expect from a hotel or resort. There are a handful of bungalows and tents on the islands that are cared after by the Thailand government.

When you decide to snorkel in the Surin Islands, you will have the advantage of seeing some of the most preserved coral reefs, and the endemic creatures of the area. You are free to go on self guided snorkeling tours, or you can opt with snorkeling with the professional tour guides, in either instance you will experience so much of the most beautiful marine life that can be found in Thailand. You will have the chance to spot giant sea turtles, snappers, and manta rays, among the many varieties of reef fish species that call the Surin Islands home.

Use care when visiting the Surin Islands for your snorkeling endeavors, there are sharks that feed around the reefs. Although, the most common injury, and about the only injury ever sustained is, a nasty sunburn. So grab your swimsuit, sunblock, snorkel gear, and camera and venture out to a memorable snorkeling trip to the Surin Islands, we are sure you wont be disappointed.

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