If you desire some of the best diving and marine life viewing, Surin Islands is the spot for you. Home to some of most pristine and extensive reefs in all of Thailand, you will find some of the most diverse coral. Here you will find turtles and fish species that are difficult to find anywhere else in the Similans. Some of the fish species you can find here include: the bumphead parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse, yellow mask angelfish, the barramundi cod and the tomato anemonefish.

Although, you won’t find many dive cruises that visit this area, do not mistaken the Surin Islands for anything less than beautiful. This area is fairly remote, and most scuba safaris are around four days, not offering enough time to visit the area at any length. When you decide to dive Surin Islands, you will not have to worry about the commotion of sharing the area with hordes of tourists. This area is largely uninhabited, with no resorts or big cities, to impede on your diving and sight seeing adventures.

Surin Islands Diving Marine Life

The Surin Islands was dedicated as a National Marine Park in 1981, and is a UNESCO development. Marine biologists pay extreme attention to this park and it’s surrounding areas, and you find that this is evident. When you choose to dive Surin Islands, you will find some of the most untouched coral reefs, and marine life, in all of Thailand.

surin isladns diving - turtle shotYou can find a large array of marine life, among the expanses of sand and water, such as: pickhandle barracuda, Cardinalfish, five lined snappers, twin spot, humpnose bigeye bream, blue spotted jawfish, Andaman, mantis shrimp, white tip reef sharks, whale sharks, ghost pipefish of all varieties, manta rays and Indian sailfin tang, just to name a very small selection.

Surin Island diving is world renowned. Surin Island is home to Richelieu Rock, which is one of the top ten diving locations in the world. The diving season in Surin Island is from October through May, although, many recommend visiting between December and April. The rest of the majority of the year tends to be rainy and windy.

If you are in the spirit for reef life, small animals, snorkeling, or are a beginning diver, Surin Island is the place for you. The water depth averages between five and thirty meters, the waters are almost always calm and warm. There are also ten dive sites in the Surin Islands. So when you dive Surin Islands, there is plenty to do and plenty to see.

The best way to experience Surin Islands diving is through a five to seven day live aboard cruise, as there is no formal housing or resorts on the islands, just a very small handful of locals and Park Rangers, a few bungalows, and tents that are owned and maintained by the Islands’ government. As a part of Dive the World, it is recommended that you dive Surin Islands at either Koh Torinla and South East Point. These are the most spectacular spots, and perfect for even the most novice of divers.

Where to dive? Check out these Similan Dive Centers for options – many of those operators visit the Surin Islands

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