Surin Islands Bungalows and Accommodation

surin islands accommodation optionsStaying on the Surin Islands can be done two ways. You may stay in the Tents or bungalows provided by the National Park, or on a diving liveaboard. Another way to enjoy the Surin park is to through day trips, so you can stay in Khao Lak orKuraburi each night.

Surin Islands Accommodation

The only Island accommodation available is on the northern Surin Island (Koh Surin Nua) . The only bungalows and tents available for rent are here . If you are diving it is best to visit on either an overnight boat or a liveaboard. For Snorkelers you can happily choose between over night trips, camping or simply doing daytrips from Khao Lak.

Surin Islands Tents/Bungalows

You may contact the National Parks directly here: 
(+66) 0 7647 2145

National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department.
The official name of the Surin Islands National Marine Park
If you have trouble booking or cannot complete the reservation – the good people at Khao Lak Life are happy to do it for you (They just go in person the the headquarters and arrange everything that way). They do, however, charge a small fee for this service. Contact them with your questions.

Surin  Island Tents are large and simple. Included are sheets, pillows and a floor pad. The tents do have a mosquito net. The tents are placed about 1-1.5 meters apart in one central area quite near the beaches. They are currently 570 Baht per night and reservations are recommended, especially during Holidays. You are not able to put up your own tent.

Currently you can only reserve tents through agents, as their online system only works for bungalow reservations.

Surin Island Bungalows

Currently there are 10 bungalows available for rent. They do feature air-conditioning and attached bathrooms.  While Simple and clean, they are owned and operated by the government. But if you want a nice place to stay on the Islands, this is it! the cost is 2000 Baht per night and reservations are recommended at all times.

Diving Liveaboards
There are many to choose from and you stay on the boat. These are meant for the diver and rarely cater to snorkelers or non-divers. With over 40 different boats traveling along the Surin islands you have a wide variety of selections. If it seems like too much – try Wicked Diving’s ecologically friendly Richelieu Rock Diving Liveaboard which visits the Surin Islands

In all choices with travel, please make your choices wisely. There are dozens of “travel agents” in Khao Lak and hundreds in Phuket. Are they just agents or are they the actual operators? Would you buy an airline ticket from someone who has never flown and has a small booth on the side of the street?

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