Longtails on the beach of the Surin Islands National Park sunset from the Surin Islands National Park Palm trees over the Surin Islands National Park Snorkeling near the Surin Islands National Park

The Surin Islands National Park offers each visitor the very best of Thailand, all in one place and without the commotion of busy city life. You will find long beaches, incredible camping and snorkeling that is unparalleled. Palm trees swaying in the winds and cool breezes off the Andaman Sea. Marine life of such diversity that it is hard to count and sunsets unlike any other. Allow us to help you on a journey to paradise :)

Surin Diving Tours

Surin islands Snorkeling ToursThese Diving tours are a unique and safe way to bring you to some lesser known sites and to the most famous in all of Thailand – Richelieu Rock. The extensive and diverse reefs of the Islands have the greatest hard coral diversity in the Andaman Sea. Manta rays, sharks and corals galore mark these dive sites as places that any level of diver can join in the diving tours.

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Surin Islands Park

Sunset of the Surin IslandsThe Park is perfectly situated on the edge of the Andaman Sea. Far enough away from the mainland to avoid the pollution and crowds yet close enough to make a great weekend getaway. Access is possible through Khao Lak and Kuraburi and the islands are only open 6 months a year. Learn more information and facts about the amazing Surin Islands

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Surin Islands Tours

Surin Islands toursJoin a Tour to encounter a paradise of fine white sandy beaches, thick jungle, crystal-clear waters, and the most extensive coral reef in Thailand. From the Native Moken people (Sea Gypsies) you can learn the history of the local seas or spend the night under the stars on a beach. Learn more about the tours available each day.

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